It sounds like the start of a joke an actuary would tell...

However, quantitative easing still has an effect from 10 years ago.  I remember when it first came in and everyone was worried that a kind of "housing Armageddon" was upon us. And it's not surprising, ten years ago the market was hard for many people and businesses.

Nevertheless, we as a society adapted and survived, a common theme for our species. In fact, I actually grew my practice during that time, whilst others never recovered.  It was a case of adapting to the times, and continuing to evolve in the future.

There will always be winners and losers as history has always shown us. We all need to remember that there is more to life than money. Being prepared to adapt to change is key to survival.

Here at Dutton Gregory Solicitors we are constantly looking at how we can adapt to best help our clients and referrers.  Why not drop us a line?