When the big investment funds are, perhaps you should too...

The article caught my eye below because the "media" are still being negative about the UK property market.  Now, there is no denying that I have a vested interest in the property market.  Not only do I own property, but being a lawyer who specialises in this sector I take a very keen interest in the staying up to date with the latest updates.

I was rather scared (in fact, petrified) by one political proposal I read during the week (redistribution of land to the many - you can guess who came up with it!) but luckily, it did not get much press.  

The fact that institutional investors are prepared to invest monies into two well known Estate Agency brands says a lot.  It should be celebrated.

It is never a bad time to buy property, provided you have a long term view.  Yes sometimes there may be short term blips (you tell me of a fifty plus year marriage that doesn't have a few tiffs!) but on the whole property is a safe investment.  Let's all accept that please.

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