It seems that both sides of the debate surrounding the fate of section 21 notices refuse to back down. 

There are inarguable merits to each side of the conversation but the root of the issue appears to be the lack of certainty regarding the alternative ways that landlords will be able to recover possession in years to come. 

There is little merit in banning section 21 notices only to exponentially broaden the scope of section 8 at the risk of appearing to simply repackage the same legislative provisions as are currently found. 

Conversely, if section 8 is not widened enough there is an inherent risk of the balance of power between landlord and tenant wavering. Will tenants still have the right to terminate a tenancy without reason if their landlord can't? If so, can this really be seen as fair?

As time passes it will be interesting to see the attention that this topic gathers and whether any changes come to fruition.