Recent legislation that has come into force has appeared to be tenant-friendly and more onerous on landlords. There are regularly stories of landlords who fail to comply with their obligations, provided substandard properties. It should be remembered though that not all landlord are the mercenaries, out for all they can get. Most are very conscious of their obligations and take them seriously, trying to provide a good stock of housing for the millions that rely on the private rental market. 

It is very sad to hear when those landlords are taken advantage of and so badly disrespected by their tenants, as Mrs Fox was. There is only so much landlords can do to avoid such a situation but reference and credit checks should always be carried out on prospective tenants, some may still slip through the cracks but it can help weed out the bad eggs. Landlords may also consider taking out landlord's insurance to ease the financial burden a non-paying tenant can cause. 

Most landlord and tenant relationships run smoothly throughout a tenancy but when things take a turn for the worse, Dutton Gregory can advise how to rid yourself of a nightmare tenant.