The figures from November for the UK construction sector are positive.  Even the doomsayers, you know the type, the people who always say that we are doomed, wearing a sandwich board at the end of the street corner proclaiming the end of the world is nigh, have to accept them.

There are many inequalities in our society but, in our capitalist system, we cannot tear things down and start again.  Life does not work like that.  The mainstream media often have something akin to hysteria over the number of houses being built.  It does not help when issues such as the "nitrates" issue is thrown into the equation in the Solent region where I am based.

However, the one fact that I think even the doom merchants can agree with is that we need more housing.  This was something all our "beloved" politicians were prepared to agree on.  Building houses provides homes and jobs.  Without development, many people would not have employment.  I saw first-hand during the recession of 2008 onwards, the number of people in my world who lost their roles.

Being positive and encouraging new development surely must be something we can all try and agree on.  Whether you are buying land for development or looking for your first or next home, the team here at Dutton Gregory are able to help.