Everyone is banging on about how they want zero carbon this or carbon neutral that. Can it actually happen though?  After all, as fans of Star Trek (like me) are aware, we are of course a carbon-based life form.

The Housing Secretary is the latest in a long line of people in that role (and let's face it, who knows what could happen should a reshuffle take place) to state lofty goals for the UK housing market.  However, until we have enough property for everyone, should those looking to purchase have to contend with higher prices?  I am not saying I have the answer but it is an economic consideration.

During the December election, many politicians from all sides sides suggested that gas central heating should be somewhat outlawed to help with each property's carbon footprint.  The cost of replacing every gas boiler is in fact astronomical and, even if it started today, it would take decades to do.

I am not a climate change denier, I am merely a realist and I just wish others were too.