We understand that these are uncertain times for landlords. Your tenant may be struggling or refusing to pay rent and you may not understand where you stand following the Government guidance.

The Government has introduced measures under the Coronavirus Act 2020 which prohibits landlords from evicting either commercial or residential tenants. 

These measures, however, do not release tenants from their liability to pay rent. If they can pay rent, then they should. This is not a “rent free” period for your tenants. Any arrears in rent will continue to accrue and ultimately will have to be paid.

We recommend that all landlords and tenants communicate with each other in order to find solutions. Tenants facing genuine cash flow difficulties require their landlords to be flexible. Where landlords are prepared to agree changes to the tenant’s rental payments, it is advisable to ensure that the terms and duration are formally documented in the interest of clarity and enforceability. We can help you to protect your rights to recover rent by either documenting any agreed terms or advising you how to proceed to recover any rent arrears.

Please call our Property Litigation department on 02380 213295 if you require any assistance.