Everyone is aware of the ban on evictions which came into force in March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The ban provides tenants with security during the unprecedented times we are in.

While the protection for tenants gives them security and certainty (if only temporairly), it does the opposite for landlords who have no idea when they might be able to recover their property. 

It seems this uncertainty has lead to prospective landlords being reluctant to enter the private rental sector with a decline in new landlords in August. The long-term result of the ban on evictions could be a decrease in properties available in the private-rental sector alongside an increase in demand from tenants. 

This does not benefit tenants in the long-term and ways of providing landlords with the same level of certainty tenants have experienced in the last six months will be needed to bring them back to the private rental sector to ensure homes are available for all who need them.