Tenants who have struggled with rent arrears as result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been protected from eviction by the stay placed on possession proceedings in March, due to be lifted on the 21st September. 

Where tenants have contacted landlords, as a result of financial hardship most landlords have been as accommodating as possible; trying to agree repayment plans or by accepting lower rental payments. 

However, those landlords whose tenants are not communicating with them are struggling, with some not receiving rent for almost a year. Those who rely on the rent to cover the mortgage payments or as their pension income and are receiving no rent are facing debts of their own. Worst case scenario, they risk having the property re-possessed by the mortgage company. Where that may leave the tenant is yet to be seen.

Support needs to be put in place for landlords who need it to stop them getting into financial difficulties and to keep them in the private rental sector as many are already making noises about selling up and getting out.

Both tenants and landlords need support to sustain the private rental sector.